2016 Journal

We write here about what we've been reading and the ideas that spawn from that.

See Active Journal for my writing from 2015.


End of Interoperability of chat and maybe everything.

Inner Source as corporate platform strategy.

OOP 2016 Keynote presented in Munich.

Social Chromatography separating complex ideas.

Model Diffusion in purposeful organization.

Stochastic Labs residency application open.

NDEx network/graph storage and exchange.

Athletic Quadcopters and the math behind them.

Creative History of Wiki as told to the camera.

Against HTTPS and simplistic thinking about security.

Puzzle Globe Metaphor for creation within wiki.

Wiki Large and Small shows versatility of our work.

Web as Public Space from second www conference.

Welcome and Farewell to each page we write.

Free Music Archive curated and downloadable.

Tres Rios manufactured ecosystem.

Sun Circle Trail from Peoria onward.


Systemic Debt in machine learning applications.

Age of Entanglement as seen by Danny Hillis.

Surveillance Capitalism as a new means of production.

The Epoch at Hand in the view of anthropologists.

Historic Topo Maps to browse and download.

Wikipedia Readers studied in joint project.

Ping Trouble and its slow recovery.

Veritable Quandary to close in 2016 after 50 years.

Creeping Automation on the way to ambient computing.

Frontier Activism with the EFF on campus.

Wiki Turns 21 and has a party.

Internet of Zombies reflects our modern fears.


Anyone Still Here? spoken to fading projects online.

C in 4 Funs self compiles and interprets.

Kingsbury Outline of distributed systems.

Keyboard Mastery for what purpose?

Dumb Reach of the retweet.

Kaiten Continuous Experience similar but different.

Tensorflow Playground neural network simulator.

Chua Lectures on memristors, cnn, etc.

Wasted Cores due to invisible bugs in linux scheduler.

Dots that Merge representing aggregated events.

New Map for America globally significant regions.

Know Thy Self artist or entertainer.

Rotate, Repave, and Repair starves intruders of time.

Dirty Terms spoil unicorn investments.

Watson Chats in 50 lines, 10 less than wiki.

Uber Investigated by data analysis of race.

All-Out Intervals better than moderate exercise.


Where We Think words in stories excite the brain.

Google Doc's Wiki with addon functions for wikipedia.

Sand on Mars shaped by boiling water.

Barriers to Remix from multiple points of view.

Precision Plastic Microscopy 3d printing for the lab.

XP and Normative Good decision making.

Boot V6 Unix in your browser.

Federation Means Stuck in a moving ecosystem.

Shared, Secret Computation as app architecture.

Material Design from google for all devices.

Unfamiliar Numbers a we expect from random.

Leaving SaaS? remember what's hard about on-prem.

Collaborative Link for the distributed web.

Fast & Resilient web apps in the mobile reality.

Citogenesis likely source of programming myths.

Experience Selected while the best of everything waits.

Every Wire an Attack Surface for ic fabrication.

Moose in VR illustrates challenge and opportunity.


Fatality Close to Home and on my commute.

Endorsement Abuse of the agile manifesto.

Communicating With Plants as a conscious life form.

Limits Workshops on the bounds of computing.

Statistical Learning Visualized with scroll driven d3.

Journal Remembered before the simplest thing.

Eben Moglen a free software advocate.

Network Hardware makes the internet work.

Chuck Swanda bike-more challenge winner.

Much Less Free memory will be.

Privileged Knowledge as organizing principle.

Medium's Durability for things we love.

Good Morning for the early light of dawn.

Least "Enslaved" nation throws off shackles.

Strandbeest manufactured animals.

Chaos in the Jetstream the end of seasons?

AAAS Transformed for a digital future?


How to Ride a Bike when you've never ridden one before.

Competition in America essential to liberty.

Nuclear Brink six decades as an insider.

Speech Acts as the basis of system design.

Augmentation Ethics expressed as three laws.

Pacific Cup yacht race to Hawaii.

Disciplined Thinking of Daniel Kahneman.

Biketown bike share in Portland.

Double Robotics telepresence at Agile 2016.

Health and the Toyota Way lean for professionals.

Ode to Logo Typography of Netflix Stranger Things.

Chaos Community Day in Seattle, August 2016.

Four Ways We Say what we're talking about.

Open to Move Market as investment strategy.


Forsyth Criteria for individual agency.

Sitka Center for art and environment.

Temporary Transclusion borrows behavior from other sites.

D3 V4 What's New slides by Irene Ros.

Wiki in React to learn deep things about both.

Best Weather Photos contest finalists.

Laws of Mixed Reality proposed by John Rousseau.

City Flows visualizing city bike traffic.

Pixel Moon scrolls through the solar system.

Not Therapy wikipedia deals with mental illness.

Ten Best Merge problem in git and wiki.

List of Sensors deserves RESTful access.

The Federation is not a Tree and is thus free to reorganize.

Hypertext Serves Authors more than readers.

Burning Man in Portland and the playa.


Leben is Life with subtle meaning in German.

Wind Visualized and kept up to date.

Friendly Deconstruction in public without fear.

Reverse Network Effects can hurt rather than help.

Damaging Edits and their automatic detection.

Innovator's Patience for decades of misunderstanding.

Angry Men defy what they can't understand.

Google Warnings as if they were perfect.

Wiki Research Papers in several collections.

CIA turns on the Senate over torture report.

Ceramic Watch as Apple moves beyond aluminum.

Intervention Without Notice while training robots.

Interpreting Visual Gestures in science and engineering

Copyleft and Data do not mix well.

Coding for Performance expressed as five laws.

Ugh CSS our undisciplined companion.

Search Optimized for finding even your own pages.

Modelica equation composition and solution.

Circuits Fried as press struggles with Trump.

Capsicum Capabilities for unix security.

Oh No, Not Heroku in the age of microservices.


Publics Considered reading Michael Warner.

The Eve of Abstraction as reported at Strange Loop.

Salesforce Saturated and struggles for continued growth.

Rebooting the 6500 from Purdue, now in Seattle.

Fogg of War for our attention.

Wiki Closed for Remodeling and redirecting here.

Global Collapse factors and opportunities.

Internet Physics from the 20th century

Solve for Initial Conditions yields interactivity.


What's Wrong with Numbers for intellectual activity.

ZigBee Chain Reaction worm attack Philips Hue.

Appiah Antidote to election bitterness.

Hybrid Threat where nations hack systems.

Structure of Convenience as opposed to abstraction.

Algorithms Manifesto for responsible automation.

Debugging Methods including science.


Inside String and its many representations.

Big Box Coliseum has human scale.

Hue of the Moment holiday clock.

Shunt Shock fixes string of lights.

Low Power WiFi with baseband backscatter.

Visual Vocabulary from FT's chart doctor.

Survey Service Workers installed in your computer.

Radio Garden global streams.

Force in Motion physics lab.

Beta Battery like a solar cell but runs on radioactivity.

Weather Detected on hot Jupiter exoplanet.

Dymaxion Revolution is upon us for good or bad.

Truth in our Future and where to find it.

Long-Term Slog into the future.

Conservation of Momentum with bicycle centric traffic law.

Domain Fronting to circumvent censorship.

Article 15 on scientific and cultural progress.

Quantum Physics made simple.


We continue with the 2017 Journal. Happy New Year.