Survey Service Workers

A recent tweet suggested I look at the Service Workers that I've picked like bad colds. I did. The post went on to explain how to organize a DDoS attack with this new browser capability. I didn't. But I did enjoy looking around and you will too. post

Press option-command-I to enter chrome developer tools.

Choose Application ⇒ Service Workers ⇒ Show all.

Press option-command-I to inspect this report.

Find the .vbox that surrounds the report.

Select Copy ⇒ Copy outerHTML.

Use perl to fetch Service Worker source from the sites mentioned in the report.

pbpaste |\ perl -ne ' while(/href="(https?:\/\/(.*?)\/.*?)"/g) { `curl -s "$1" > $2.js` } '

Browse these files with your text editor.