Friendly Deconstruction

Understand the author’s point, but don’t treat it as a debate. The truth is if you can get past the urge to debate here, this person knows stuff you don’t, and your prime job here should be to learn it. My argument is you can choose to ignore the higher argument and loot the article for facts, figures, patterns, and theoretical lenses. post

Mike Caulfield collects electronic cards where, "each is a blockquoted piece of text from the article with a title given by me to the idea or incident it represents."

Above the blockquote, if he have time, he put a brief summary of the blockquote and maybe a note of why it is significant.

This helps Mike overcome bias rather than push us further back into it. It has, at the moment, the unfortunate name of “Document Decomposition” which is probably worse than what I used to call it, Idea Mining.