Ceramic Watch

The journey Apple has taken to adopt Zirconia Ceramic as the their fundamental design material translates like an epic movie plot. post

Apple has been on a journey to craft the products they create from the most advanced elements. Through it’s history Apple has revolutionized the use of Aluminum, from fabrication to micro-millimeter precision machining.

"The process of creating the Apple Watch Edition case begins with a high-strength zirconia powder that’s combined with alumina to achieve its rich, white color. Each case is then compression molded, sintered, and polished using a diamond slurry, which results in a remarkably smooth surface and an exquisite shine."

In September 2017, Apple will be releasing the 10th Anniversary iPhone 8. It is my view Apple will use this moment to present a completely new iPhone design that will be revolutionary in many ways.

The design language will be based on a more organic shape and design. There will be ergonomic curves that will mold into the new AMOLED display being driven by video chips that simply could not have thermally operated in such a small space without heat efficiency of Zirconia ceramics.

The iPhone 8 will not just be water resistant but water proof and dust proof to a level never seen before on a smartphone.