Leben is Life

We aspire to a federation that is alive in the way a thriving neighborhood could be said to be so. We sometimes use technical terms like autopoiesis to describe this only to find that German has a better word, leben, that has all of the right connotations, at least to a German. wikipedia

Helmut Leitner tells me that Germans know this word well and understand wiki more quickly because they can name it when they see it. wictionary

Alexander struggled to describe the quality which he ultimately called the quality without a name, later shortened QWAN. wiki

pronounce slow and relaxed like "layban"
like "laybandic"
living, vivid, vital
like "laybandic-kite" concatenated "laybandikite"
quality of living systems, vitality, liveliness, aliveness, vividness, vibrancy, qwan