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With the Wikipedia Tools for Google Spreadsheets, we have created a toolkit that facilitates working with Wikipedia data from within a spreadsheet context. We make these tools available as open-source on GitHub released under the permissive Apache 2.0 license. pdf

These functions are wrappers around the particular Wikipedia or Wikidata API calls, or the Pageviews API respectively.

WIKITRANSLATE Returns Wikipedia translations (language links) for a Wikipedia article.

WIKISYNONYMS Returns Wikipedia synonyms (redirects) for a Wikipedia article.

WIKIEXPAND Returns Wikipedia translations (language links) and synonyms (redirects) for a Wikipedia article.

WIKICATEGORYMEMBERS Returns Wikipedia category members for a Wikipedia category.

WIKISUBCATEGORIES Returns Wikipedia subcategories for a Wikipedia category.

WIKIINBOUNDLINKS Returns Wikipedia inbound links for a Wikipedia article.

WIKIOUTBOUNDLINKS Returns Wikipedia outbound links for a Wikipedia article.

WIKIMUTUALLINKS Returns Wikipedia mutual links, i.e, the intersection of inbound and outbound links for a Wikipedia article.

WIKIGEOCOORDINATES Returns Wikipedia geocoordinates for a Wikipedia article.

WIKIDATAFACTS Returns Wikidata facts for a Wikipedia article.

WIKIPAGEVIEWS Returns Wikipedia pageviews statistics for a Wikipedia article.

WIKIPAGEEDITS Returns Wikipedia pageedits statistics for a Wikipedia article

Future work will focus on adding more functions as need be and potentially making the functions more parameterizable. In the current iteration, we have favored simplicity and ease of use over customizability, essentially making the most common use case the only option.