Quantum Physics

When the first theories of mechanics, electromagnetism and gravitation were formulated, the elementary coupling of matter wave functions was not known. Force-law coupling was adopted, which is one full derivative away from the fundamental four-vector properties of matter. Carver Mead updates Maxwell's equations and general relativity with "engineering" calculations. post

This macroscopic quantum system behaves as one big wave function propagating along one kilometer of fine superconducting wire.

The present approach can be viewed as an attempt to develop clear and concise physical insights based on the large body of modern experimental observations. Every attempt is made to keep the mathematics as simple as possible. G4v is the gravitational equivalent of Collective Electrodynamics. The two interactions are of exactly the same form, but of opposite signs. Both couplings are based squarely on the elementary first-order four- vector coupling of matter wave functions.

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G4v predictions of gravitational-wave radiation patterns for binary systems, and antenna patterns for observatories like LIGO, differ markedly from those predicted by general relativity.

See Exquisite Sensitivity of the LIGO detectors.