You're New Here

There are four steps to making a home here once you have your own site. In other systems this would be like filling out your profile page. Do these steps in any order.

Tip: Drag paragraphs or the marker to mark progress.


Claim the site. See where it says, Sign in with your Email? Click that button. Login mechanisms vary from site to site so follow the instructions that pop up.

Choose a flag that you like. The flags are color gradients that we use in lots of places. We picked gradients, you pick colors. See About Flagmatic Plugin

Tell us your name. Return to the Welcome Visitors page and write your full and friendly name in the first gray field. Make it a link if you want to tell us more, like your various internet handles. Write these on the new page.


Tell us what you are doing. You might just be Exploring Wiki. Say that. Make it a link. Go to that page and write about your explorations. You can change all this later.