Search Sites

Search looks at the title and first paragraph of all pages in your Neighborhood. As you browse the federation more sites are added to your neighborhood so search can find more pages.

How Search Works

Search looks for the exact sequence of characters you type without regard for word boundaries.

Search ignores the case of titles and text. You can type your search in either case.

Search reports the number of pages examined and the number of sites upon which they were found.

How to Use Search

Search reports pages it finds as references.

Enter search terms exactly as you expect them to appear on a page.

Enter an empty search to find every page in your neighborhood.

Click the link of a reference to see the nearest page by the reference title.

Click the flag of a reference to see the page on the specific site identified by the reference.

Drag a reference from a search result to pages of your own to save it.

Use the browser's back button to discard a search result.

How to Write for Search.

Write pages about specific things. Name pages with specific terms that make the things clear even out of context.

Write a synopsis as the first paragraph of a page.

Write a synopsis that is ten to twenty words. Choose words that are likely to be search terms.

Write a synopsis that explains the value of a page. This paragraph should defend the title without duplicating it.

Collect references to pages you find by dragging references from the search result pages.

Collect references organized by categories that are often searched together.

Collect references on pages carefully named by titles that include the search term 'sites'.