Gyroid Graphene

A team of researchers at MIT has designed one of the strongest lightweight materials known, by compressing and fusing flakes of graphene, a two-dimensional form of carbon. The new material, a sponge-like configuration with a density of just 5 percent, can have a strength 10 times that of steel. post

YOUTUBE VIcZdc42F0g Published on Jan 6, 2017

The unusual geometric shapes that graphene naturally forms under heat and pressure look something like a Nerf ball, round, but full of holes. These shapes, known as gyroids, are so complex that actually making them using conventional manufacturing methods is probably impossible.

The gyroid is the unique non-trivial embedded member of the associate family of the Schwarz P and D surfaces with angle of association approximately 38.01°. The gyroid is similar to the Lidinoid. The gyroid was discovered in 1970 by Alan Schoen, then a scientist at NASA. wikipedia

The space elevator has long been the stuff of futuristic fantasy. It's shown up in books, movies, and scientific journals, while researchers have tried to uncover a material strong enough and light enough to make such a structure possible. post