Freemium Calculations provides an online curve-fitting solution making it easy to: Quickly perform a curve fit, Predict results from a fit, Export results to Excel/PDF, Perform a custom fit through a user-defined equation, Share results online. site

Our mission is to provide the best-in-class curve fitting tools delivered in an easy-to-use and highly accessible format. is a spin-off of the popular and established online data analysis tool for life sciences. site


The company was founded in 2009 to provide preconfigured computations to the life science community.

A colleague pointed out the curve fitting he had used calibrating an attenuator inside high performance integrated circuit test equipment.

I suspect the calculations are easily done in R or SciPy. Canned algorithms in my life have evolved from IBM's SSP, BMD, and then SPSS which I maintained for my university early in my career. They have always been free.

Aside: This category is for software used for studying, emulating, or displaying the result of scientific investigation. wikipedia

Job listings for MyAssays Ltd include positions for post docs in customer support and marketing folks in business development.

They specifically pitch developers of assay kits to partner with them by preconfiguring calculations as would be needed to run their results. The pitch promises good search engine optimization among other plusses. page

Like MyAssays, I see wiki as a place for sharing setups and scientific calculations. Their job postings illuminate activities I've ignored building my service.