Beaker Browser

Beaker is a Peer-to-Peer Web Browser, made for users to run applications independently of hosts. Using P2P Hypermedia, Beaker separates frontend apps from backend services, so that users are completely in control of their software and data. site

Beaker was forked from Chrome. It is free and open-source. github

YOUTUBE pi-kreA52oI Published on Dec 15, 2016. Recorded at the Web 1.0 Conference hosted at the MIT Media Lab. Paul Frazee offers guided tour of his work.

Sites can contain files, data, media, and fully-featured applications. Using them, users can publish content without ceding control of the content to either an app or service. There is no walled garden. The keys that control each site remain in the user’s browser.

With forking, you can modify any site, and deploy it instantly. Users can rebuild applications to work exactly how they like. Our mission is to put the tools of creation back into the users’ hands. It will be weird, chaotic, and creative – just like the Web should be!