General Federated Wiki Discussions eric koolala, I remixed the glitch-hosted wiki and changed all of the .data configurations to .wiki. This has the effect of including the wiki content when the site gets remixed. Here's the glitch view And here's the wiki view (along with some thoughts that occured to me about the choices I made when I chose the original configuration) content-remixed Ward (@Ward:matrix.org) Perhaps the status directory could remain in .data while the pages move to .wiki? I would feel more comfortable seeding a new site with existing pages if the start logic added a fork action to every page. paul90 maybe the wiki pages/status should stay in .wiki and any content for forming a specific community get copied into default data and copy that? Ward (@Ward:matrix.org) Michael Mehaffy and I met Monday to discuss how Sustasis Foundation should manage the online versions of their recent publications in federated wiki. Here is a video he made of the conversation. conversation video paul90 Q. when remixing is the source site known to the one being created? If so, having a list of pages, and forking them to the new site might be better. eric I have not yet learned what lifecycle events are invoked in a glitch remix operation. For example, I assumed that postinstall.sh would be something that only happens once, but seems to happen more frequently. I haven't investigated to really understand it. I don't know if the fork knows anything about the parent. Though, perhaps we could script something to ask the underlying git repo. Also, I'm going to be 30 min late to our hangout today. Ward (@Ward:matrix.org) I'm Marshall Miller; I'm the product manager for the Growth team at the WMF Growth Our team is working on increasing the retention of new editors in mid-size Wikipedias. I wanted to chime in because of the interesting things some of you are saying about what is working and not working for new editors who are trying to learn. Our team is always looking for input and perspectives from all parts of our community, and I hope that some of you could weigh in on our team's work. An interesting post from Marshall Miller to the wikipedia research email list For anyone that doesn't get enough video chat on wednesdays I am in the zoom room now Last week we suggested writing about topics from the chat. I started one page but did not finish. It is still on my todo list as I think about it often Ward (@Ward:matrix.org) Just tweeted: Federated wiki dev/user video chat starts in 10 minutes. Visitors welcome. video chat daviding Really interesting discussion today, bridging the work that David Bovill has done in Livecode, comparing with Ryan Bennett's wiki desktop, and Eric and Paul's work on DAT. I think (and would like to be corrected if wrong) is that all of the technologies write to the file system, so that if a group started writing locally, and did enough that they wanted to get an online host, we could FTP the files up, and save the work. The concern for me is preservation of the Creative Commons licensing on authorship. Copyright isn't relevant when a person is editing on his or her own computer, but does become relevant as soon as he or she publishes onto a website and then fully joins the federation. eric CC-BY-SA license is declared in the wiki client. It appears in the lower left corner of every rendered wiki page. As far as I know it is not represented in the underlying JSON. Should it be? Ward (@Ward:matrix.org) No. Federated wiki is a realization of that particular license. eric 09:15 daviding, one of my favorite things about federated wiki is the simplicity of the data and persistence. It is just a collection of files that contain simple json objects. So scp and ftp and tar and rsync are all perfectly useful tools for moving the data around. Ward (@Ward:matrix.org) 10:11 Michael Mehaffy has prepared a 15 minute "highlight reel" that is not only shorter than our conversation but proceeds in a logical order. hightlight reel